About Riondel Community Campground

Nestled in the heart of beautiful Riondel, BC is a magical place where majestic old-growth cedars tower over lush ferns and many trails. RC Campground and Kootenay Lake have produced memorable experiences for the past 40 years. This continues today as campers come back year after year. Here tall trees grow and fresh waters flow through the Campground, all surrounded by panoramic mountain views, and of course the pristine Kootenay Lake.

Riondel Community Campground (truly one of the gems of this community) is managed by a non-profit society whose focus is:
  • to sustain the Campground’s operations for families to enjoy for years to come
  • to remain as green as possible
  • to educate visitors & community and provide memorable holiday experiences through interaction with Nature. 

The goal is to bring families back year after year to  Riondel Campground’s beauty and back to basics camping. The biodiversity of this area is amazing – so many things to discover!  Come and see the abundance of wildlife such as deer, elk and many bird species, from bald eagles and ospreys, to ducks, swallows and chickadees. The plant life and insect life is abundant and waiting to be explored. Bring your family and enjoy the peace and relaxation Riondel Community Campground can offer.

We look forward to seeing you!

Come join us in the adventure!