Welcome to North Bay Park & Riondel Community Campground


NOTE: Updated Map and Campsite Numbers/Locations

New this year we have updated the name of our beautiful location to North Bay Park & Campground. We have made some small adjustments to a couple of sites to allow for more day use functionality, and so our map has been updated.

Enjoy your visit!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: We unfortunately do not have space for parking outside of your designated camp site. Please call ahead to discuss if you have questions about fitting a boat trailer as well as your camp accommodations within the perimeter of your site. Day Use Parking is strictly for North Bay Park Day Use visitors only.

Please DRIVE SLOWLY WHEN EXITING THE CAMPGROUND. Respect our neighbours, thank you!



About THE PARK & Campground

Nestled in the heart of beautiful Riondel, BC, is a magical place where majestic old-growth cedars tower over lush ferns and many trails. For the past 60 years, Riondel Community Campground has invited campers to experience the idylls of nature: panoramic mountain views, tall trees, and pristine waters. Right on the shore of Kootenay Lake, and with many local attractions, there’s always something waiting to be explored at Riondel Community Campground.



Managed by a non-profit society

The Riondel Community Campground Society works to sustain the Campground’s operation for families to enjoy today, and for years to come. The Campground maintains green practices to preserve the vast biodiversity and those interactions with nature which make holiday experiences here so memorable. Come and see the abundance of wildlife such as deer, elk and many bird species; from bald eagles and ospreys, to ducks, swallows and chickadees. The plant life and insect life is abundant and waiting to be explored.


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